Na'zayn of Silverthorn

Na’zayn of Silverthorn is an eladrin swordmage and a member of The Blades of Pelor.

Enemies facing Na’zayn’s longsword, “Vorel,” may also want to be wary of his lucky hand crossbow, “Bloodstinger”. He rides across the Nentir on his Warwing Drake Ari’Harkt’tik’ra’Suaco (Wind of Righteousness), or his courser Hroth and palfrey Blaze. Together with the other Blades of Pelor and allies, Na’zayn deals out the justice of the sword while trying to find a way home.

Wish List

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  • Looking for/collecting component treasures for a greater ritual
  • Commando operations against an army
  • Island hopping in the Southern Sea
      perhaps in a Barque rigged for speed
        perhaps even rigged with a moonraker
      and to reduce the number of characters the gamemaster would need to run:
      (It’s from 3e, so the price is probably off.)
      Fharlanghn’s Lines: These bowlines and other ropes are magically animated to make sailing a ship easier. The ropes snake forward of their own volition, and pull and release by voice command, enabling sails to be set and changed without breaking the backs of the crew. Each set of Fharlanghn’s lines aboard a wind-powered ship reduces the required crew by five, to a minimum of two for Colossal wind-powered ships and one for Gargantuan or smaller ships. Fharlanghn’s lines respond only to nautical commands, so they can’t be used to entangle foes or tie up captives. Caster Level: 9th; Prerequisites: Craft Wondrous Item, animate rope, telekinesis;Market Price: 8,100 gp; Weight: 5 lb.

Na'zayn of Silverthorn

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