Fallcrest is a main trading town of The Nentir Vale. It is located on the eastern bank of the Nentir River, just north of the Moon Hills. Fallcrest is built on the ruins of a larger city that was destroyed in the Bloodspear_War. The town is now divided into two districts; Hightown in the north half, and Lowtown in the south.

1,350 another 900 or so live in the countryside within a few miles of the town. The people of Fallcrest are mostly humans, halflings, and dwarves. No dragonborn or eladrin are permanent residents, but travelers of all races pass through on occasion.

The human noble Faren Markelhay is the Lord Warden (hereditary lord) of the town. He is in charge of the town’s justice, defense, and laws. The Lord Warden appoints a town council to look after routine commerce and public projects.

The Fallcrest Guard numbers sixty warriors, who also serve as constables. Moonstone Keep is their barracks. The Lord Warden can call up 350 militia at need.

Key Locations

The Tower of Waiting Hightown N/A An old, Empty fortification built on a small island
Upper Quays Hightown Barstomun Strongbeard The north docks for moving cargo south of the falls
Five-Arch Bridge Hightown Sergeant Thurmina Bridge with toll house (1cp/person, 1sp/mount)
Nentir Inn Hightown Erandil Zemoar New inn (5sp/night)
Knight’s Gate Hightown Sergeant Nereth The north gate
Silver Unicorn Inn Hightown Wisara Osterman Old Inn (2gp/night)
Halfmoon Trading House Hightown Selarund Halfmoon Store with mundane items
Moonstone Keep Hightown Faren Markelhay An old castle where the Lord Warden lives
The Tombwood Hightown N/A Overgrown thicket on an old cemetery
House of the Sun Hightown Grundelmar Temple to Pelor, Kord and Bahamut
House Azaer Hightown Amara Azaer Store with mundane items
The Nentir Falls Hightown Vendar 200 foot waterfall, small island with statue
Temple of Erathis Hightown Dirina Mornbrow Also has shrines to Ioun and Moradin
The Bluffs Hightown/Lowtown [N/A] The cliff that separates the districts
The Catacombs Hightown/Lowtown N/A Burial Crypts
Moonsong Temple Hightown Ressilmae Starlight Devoted to Sehanine, Corellon, Melora and Avandra
Fallcrest Stables Hightown Lannar Thistleton Stables
Wizard’s Gate Hightown Sergeant Murgeddin The east gate
Naerumar’s Imports Hightown Orest Naerumar Store with low-level magic items
Kamroth Estate Hightown Armos Kamroth Armos’ house
Moonwash Falls Lowtown N/A Pool of water from the Moonwash stream
Septarch’s Tower Lowtown Nimozaran the Green Wizard’s tower
Blue Moon Alehouse Lowtown Par Winnomer Taphouse for traders, merchants and guards
Teldorthan’s Arms Lowtown Teldorthan Ironhews Store with mundane armor and weapons
King’s Gate Lowtown Sergeant Gerdrand The south gate
The Market Green Lowtown N/A Where the traders set up shop
Sandercot Provisioners Lowtown Nimena Sandercot Store with mundane items
Lucky Gnome Taphouse Lowtown Kelson Taphouse for porters and thugs. Empty since Kelson disappeared
Lower Quays Lowtown Irena Swiftwater The south docks for moving cargo north of the falls



A Lord’s Request Faren Markelhay Money, The Tower of Waiting, XP Complete
Shadowfang’s Bounty Fallcrest Community 300 gp, XP Complete
The Trade Road Ravens Grundelmar 400 gp, XP Ongoing
The Tomb of the Hate Keeper Grundelmar ?, XP Ongoing
Farmer Macturl is Missing Fallcrest Community Magic Boots, XP Complete
The Witchlight Fens Hermitage Ressilmae Starlight ?, XP Ongoing


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