Earthdawn World

The common name for the world in which everything takes place is Anscezion. There are 7 known continents in the world, but most people rarely if ever leave the one they are from. This is in part do to the limited means of travel between most of them. The continents are connected for the most part by means of a portal or gateway system, but even travel by this means is limited as there are only a few portals, and each can only allow so much at a time.

The Continents

The land masses that make up the majority of Anscezion are vast and varied. In ancient books there a many stories by explorers talking about fantastical far off lands and paths by boats to get there. Scholars who have read over these stories believe that several areas of land exist beyond the currently known and accepted islands, but as travel by sea is near impossible since the Imbalance of Water, and teleporting into unknown areas is equally or more dangerous, little is being done to find them currently. As such, there are currently 9 major land masses that are currently thought of as 7 continents, and a few known island chains, although not all are reachable. The continents are most commonly referred to by number, and numbers were assigned by their perceived size. It is now known that the sizes the continents were believed to be are not entirely accurate, and a few of the continents were missnumbered.

1st Continent: The first continent is a two pronged continent It was primarily home to the Auromon and the Yashura. Since the formation of the shadowlands, most of the Yashura have been whiped out, and about 1/3rd of the continent is considered uninhabitable. There are also colonies of Saliel and Salai in the forests on the Auromon side of the continent. This is the biggest continent. There used to be two gates into and out of this continent, but both lie in the shadowlands now and are considered inaccessible.

2nd Continent: The second continent is arguably two land masses. It is believed that long ago it may have been one, but over time, the river that ran through the north central part of the continent has worn away the ground so that the river itself is now a connection of the seas on each side of the continet, at sea level. The town of Ravine, having the largest and only guarded bridge across the chasm has grown greatly due to this. The continetn itself, is probably the 4th largest, and not the second, but it is the longest from one end to the other, and so can often seem misleading.

The populations of the second continent are largely varied in current times. Originally it was largely populated by Arakora, Almiroth, and Traza, but both the Arakora and Almiroth their numbers greatly reduced. Now most of the races make some parts of this their home, except the Dacelorn, and Yashura. In addition the two guardians with the most regular influence on namegivers make their homes on this continent: the Guardian of Knowledge, and the Guardian of Nature. Lastly, a fairly intelligent bird race makes their home on this continent. Commonly called the Sqwaks, these ~3 meter tall birds, tend to have limited interactions with namegivers as they lack the ability to speak and feel the other races treat them improperly due to this.

This continent only has one gate near its southern tip.

3rd Continent: The third continent is actually probably the 5th continent in size. It use to be the home of primarily the Phon, but the Maerik have set up their largest city, and their central ruling body over their other kingdoms on this continent. Consequently, skirmishes between the two races often occur on this island. This island has the most diverse of the climates including almost every sort known short of paradise. The central portion of the continent is covered with mountains, and above the tallest mountains is where the City in the Sky is located. The Maerik currently control the mountain range and the territories south and southeast of the mountain. Most of the rest of the continent is controlled by Phon. The few other races that had set up towns here have mostly departed due to the instability cause by the battles between the two races. This continent is also known to have much forgotten lore, and artifacts will show up occasionally to remind people of this.

The continent has 2 gates, but only one is still in common use on the east central portion. The second lies near the end of the penninsula which has largely been uninhabited since the Imbalance of Water.

4th continent: The 4th continent is actually probably the third largest. This continent has become the cetner for trade, business, and the guilds. Crossroads has at least one gate to every continent in it, and has used this to grow into the largest, richest city in the world. The population of this continent is the most diverse, including many individuals of the lesser known races. However, with having such a large city and such a diverse population, a lot of crime has developed over the areas In addition, many of the larger less friendly wild creatures reside on this continent, meaning most of the population lives in a a few heavily guarded areas. Most of the remaining Dacelorn live on this continent, including the current leader of Crossroads. All but two of the major guilds have their headquarters here. This is the most common location of the Levasi, although they have no real homelands, and no desire for them either.

Crossroads has ten gates, and no other town has one Crossroads is where the first gate was established.

5th continent: The fifth continent is the second largest continent. It is a very harsh place to live as much of it is desert. The largest city in legends used to be her, and still is, but it was swallowed by the sands. Once in a long while, parts of the city will reemerge from the sands that swallowed it, and many great treasures still reside there. Other that the first continent, this continent Also was a home to the Auromon, but now it is mostly roamed by nomadic Phon and Maerik. The Auromon and Traza live here a long the coasts as the great sailing nations of old wher mostly found here.There is still one active port on the north shore of this continent. This is the most common place to see Nasiel.

There were two gates, but now is only one.

6th Continent: The sixth continent lies in ruins. This was, and some feel, still is the home of the Dacelorn. The towns here, while never as large, were always considered breathtaking. While others came and went, most of the other races felt uncomfortable living here, but not by fault of the Dacelorn. Now that the race is nearly extinct, the places has an eerie calm to it. Many grave robbers have come and tried to steal the dead races secrets, but “curses” usually befall those individuals.

This is the continent on which the Church of the Ascension was founded, but not by the Dacelorn. The original church is one of the few sights that still remains intact here, since, the Dacelorn tried to protect it more than most of their own cities and other important sights.

There were 2 gates here. The Darmon destroyed soon after the fall of Alasaria, the last of the great old cities.

7th Continent: The 7th continent and smallest continent has little known about it. The Darmon control the whole continent, and few if any were ever let in. The Dacelorn used to travel regularly to meet with the Darmon rulers, though. The continent is actually two continents pulled together by a very powerful elementalist, according to legends. The same one who creted paradise, which can still, supposedly, can be seen from the continent.

The one active gate on this continent is surrounded by a fort, but the fort is designed to prevent poeple from entering the Darmon kingdom, rather than to protect the gate. Much speculation goes on about what the Darmon are hiding, but few are brave enough to inquire or challenge them about it.

Earthdawn World

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