Earthdawn History

(For now just a recent history)

The world has changed a lot in the last 50 years. Those old enough to remember would look at now as a time of chaos, which would not be a comforting thought as another imbalance seems to be emerging.

Approximately 50 years ago, a Phon had come back from a pilgrimage to see the guardian of knowledge and said that when he asked what is responsible for the cycle of imbalances, the guardian said “The Dacelorn.” There was much debate about the truth to this statement, but given the dire effects the imbalances seem to have had, many felt it would be best to eliminate the Dacelorn as a precautionary measure. This start a genocidal war that lasted from 45 years ago to about 20 years ago. The vast majority of the Dacelorn have been wiped out, and most of their home continent lies in ruins. The few that were born before the war seem to have developed immense power and fighting them was nigh impossible. It is felt that the only reason the war ended is that those seething with hate for the Dacelorn realized that the casualties necessary to defeat them would be to great.

Around the time the war ended, the Shadowlands formed. The school of magic, while run by the Yashura, had always had the Dacelorn carefully watching over it, and always forbidding certain rituals to be attempted. It is assumed that with the Dacelorn no longer able to do so, one of these rituals was attempted. The school of Magic disappeared and an eerie purple light started eminating from where it was. The light slowly started to grow as a bubble slowly expanding outward. No one knows what exactly it is but it is referred to as the shadowlands. The only reason the bubble seemed to stop expanding is the Guardian of Order came out and slammed into it, encasing the bubble, but disappearing himself. The bubble can be seen from miles away. and no one who has entered it has ever returned the same.

Earthdawn History

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