Earthdawn Guilds

There are many guilds on Anscezion. It is not uncommon for individuals to join guilds, and a majority of individuals are part of one or more guilds. Guilds generally fall into one of 4 categories: martial, artisan, secretive, and communal.

The Secretive Guilds:

The secretive guilds are grouped together because they prefer a certain degree of anonymity. This is not to say that necessarily what they are doing is wrong, but they tend to prefer to be ones to work from the shadows, behind the throne, as whispers on the wind, or the like. The three that are publicly known are The Crimson Court, The Wanderers and the Thieves’ Guild. In additon it is generally accepted that there are 3 more definite guilds in this group, as symbols are seen in multiple places, but to whom these symbols belong is unknown. One of these is The Brotherhood

The Martial Guilds:

There are several martial guilds in the world, and each kingdom usually has its own martial guilds as well. Understand that a kingdoms own martial guild is usually not its army or militia. The martial guilds generally deal with training in some martial art form, whether it be swordsmanship, unarmed combat, drunken brawling, marksmanship, or any of a many other possible areas of expertise. These guilds are usually some of the simplist to join, but also some of the easiest to be expelled from. For most of the martial guilds, all one needs to do to join is to show an honest desire to learn their ways, and often, to follow their code. Some of the best known martial guilds are The Duelists League, Danse Macabre, The Adventurer’s Guild, The Seekers, Wind Walkers, Honorguard, and The Bleeding Flowers.

The Artisan Guilds:

The artisan guilds contain most of the oldest guilds as the original guilds were the craftsmen of the Traza and then copied by the craftsman of the other races. The original guild was Axe & Hammer, which was a guild of craftsmen of all wooden and stone creations. However this guild split several hundered years ago. Some consider Cornerstone, which is one of the two portions it split into, to be the oldest guild still as most of the members at the time of the split, started it with almost the same principles, except focused on construction. Cornerstone is one of the 3 most influential guilds currently. The othe guild to come out of the split was Chiseled to Perfection, which is now largely a Levasi guild that deals with sculpting of all sorts. The other major players of the artisan guilds are Belladonna, The Everlasting Lilt, The Eternal Stroke, P.O.I, and Traces of Truth.

Earthdawn Guilds

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