Tag: Halfling


  • Wisara Osterman

    Wisara is a stern halfling woman and the proprietor of the [[Silver Unicorn Inn]]. Wisara was kind enough to offer the whole upper floor of her inn to [[The Blades of Pelor]] after their heroic return from [[The Cairn of the Winter King]].

  • Selarund Halfmoon

    The owner of the [[Halfmoon Trading House]]. Selarund Halfmoon is a friendly halfling who dispenses a never-ending stream of advice to his customers, such as, “It never rains but as someone gets wet!” or “A nail ain’t afraid of a hammer with no handle!” …

  • Lannar Thistleton

    Lannar is the owner of the [[Fallcrest Stables]]. The halfling is an excellent source of rumors, since he sees the travelers coming or going by the roads. He is a friendly fellow of about forty, with a large brood of children at his home out in the …

  • Kemara Brownbottle

    Kemara works at the [[Blue Moon Alehouse]] with [[Par Winnomer]]. She is a halfling brewmaster and the true genius behind the tavern's success. She lets Par fret over running the tavern while she focuses on her brews.

  • Kelson

    Kelson owns the [[Lucky Gnome Taphouse]] in [[Fallcrest]]. He is an unsavory halfling. Since getting caught in a scheme involving [[The Blades of Pelor]] his tavern has been boarded up. Kelson was spotted by [[Bal'ous]] of [[The Blades of Pelor]] …