Na'zayn of Silverthorn

Eladrin Swordmage


Na’zayn is a taller than average Eladrin with silver hair in a tight topknot and shorn at neck length. His pupilless opalescent green eyes squint in the noonday sun. He moves with a flowing gait and a taciturn expression.

He often dresses in simple blue livery over brown leather and cloth. His attire is primarily unadorned, excepting black enameled besagews and spurs, a hand crossbow with vicious flourishes, and a longsword with bejeweled pommel and guard.


Born Lólindir of House Silverthorn, he grew up in an insular Eladrin community cloaked in taiga forest of the feywild, coterminous to wilderness far to the west of human settlements. And there he probably would have stayed and lived a life of a scholar, if the Githyanki had not invaded his world, Pharagos.

The onslaught darkened the sky, burnt to cinders the forests and towers of his childhood, and left him a refugee of a shattered house. In the chaos following The Skyfall, the deprivation of The Long Winter, and the carnage of The Incursion he scavenged, stole, and fought. He rallied as a swordsman to the banner of Lady D’Morchas, a powerful cleric.

In a pitched battle against the Githyanki invaders Lólindir fell to one of their silver swords. Afterwards Lady D’Morchas raised him and others as skeletal bone warriors to continue the fight. Combating the Gul’othran and their Pact Dragons, he served with many disparate allies. Towards the end of the war, he served as a liaison officer to a band of gray orcs of the Erg’aswad (“Black Sand”) tribe. He was chosen for the assignment in part for his intellect and loyalty and in part for his new tolerance to the necrotic shadow sand of the tribe’s native dune sea. He earned the nom de guerre, “Na’zayn”, from his gray orc comrades.

When the armies of Vlaakith were driven from Pharagos, Na’zayn traveled to the equatorial north with Lady D’Morchas. New settlements in the tropical wilderness of the Undying Green filled with many dispossessed looking for a new start. For nearly 20 years he served the Dark Lady of Drulathi Ausa as a skeletal soldier. Na’zayn served with distinction in hunting operations against non-servile undead in the east, towards the heart of the Undying Green. In the southern highlands he bushwhacked lizard folk bands that threatened mining communities. In the north he participated in counter raids against recalcitrant Sahuagin. In the west he helped drive back the hordes of gnolls during the Forest War.

With prize money and back pay, Na’zayn was able to eventually buy his resurrection. Afterwards he petitioned and was accepted as a squire to the “Draconic Order of the Sepulchre of Unspoken Names in Drulathi Ausa.” After service and training in the Citadels of Warclaw and Amavosen, the had completed his training in blade magic. Soon afterwards he was knighted by the Dark Lady herself, she granted Na’zayn of Silverthorn the adamantine besagews and spurs of a full Sword Brother. The order commissioned him as a Warscout of the Banners of the Living.

Granted a warbird and assigned as a wingman, Na’zayn’ met Vexara Iskdareen a canny, cunning, stealthy, Drow Sword Sister; a rogue ruthless hunter with the hand crossbow. She showed Na’zayn how to shoot, and he taught Vexara how to forage in the wilds. In the woodlands of the Undying green they fell for each other, and for a while Na’zayn was truly happy. Until, while attending survey expedition sendoff for a mining foray into the Elemental Chaos, a strike force of Githyanki attacked, in the tumultuous melee Na’zayn passed through the portal into the realm of Elemental Chaos. Before he could return, the portal was disrupted and and he was marooned. He followed with an allied caravan to the first portal to the natural world he could find.

However the world he found was not his own. This new “the World” was at first harsh, with few resources and no allies.

Lólindir (“fair horse”): named after the swift fey horses of his homeland
Na’zayn (“lithe sword”): named for his nimble swordplay

Na'zayn of Silverthorn

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