A young noble Llewyrr that has been blessed by the Fey and is following her path as a warlock.


Tall & lithe, Kyranna does not much look like the typical Eladrin. Her skin is of a dark grey hue and hair is mostly silver as is common for her line. The locks that frame her face hang just below her chin have been dyed magenta and the rest of her hair tends to be wrapped in an asian style bun behind her head with the extra length hanging down as would a pony tail. Her eyes are a deep and vibrant violet, and she often carries a slight smile or even smirk. If it weren’t for here upbeat nature and slight bounce in her step she would probably be more often mistaken for a light skinned drow.

During her early years in the Nentir Vale, she tended to dress rather practically in a grey tunic and black pants under a set of black leather armor. Never wanting to be the center of attention she chose to try and blend in with the shadows. Since her return, however, her outfit seems much more designed to capture ones attention, and less practical for adventuring. Now wearing a long-sleeved dress which ends mid-thigh…


Born in the early DR 1350s, in Chrysalis, her erly years were going to be a rather dramatic time.

  • DR 1344 The retreat of most elves and eladrin to Evermeet.
  • DR 1358 Time of Troubles (God’s War)
  • DR 1365 Only ever Invasion of Chrysalis by the Elf Eater.
  • DR 1375 the Noble Eladrin (would be better to call them Arch Eladrin as they are of equivalent power to Arch Devels & Arch Demon) expel humans from the Island of Gwynneth.
  • DR 1385 the Spell-plague strikes.

Synnoria & Chrysalis had existed hidden, and in relative peace for over 13000 years. The Llewyrr, while in constant skirmishes with the Firbolg, never had much of the troubles to deal with as all the other races. Consequently she doesn’t share quite the same patience and distance from the world as many other Llewyrr.

During the time of troubles when Arcane & Divine Magic greatly diminished in value, her family, already of significant nobility in Synnoria gained dreater renown. Given that both her parents had followed paths of Martial Prowess, her mother the leader of the Sisters of Sennoria, and her father a member of the council and leader of the rangers. Through their importance, and the belief that she would follow in their footsteps, she was identified at a young age as a potential future ruler of Synnoria. Thus she began living in the Palace of Ages to study much of the history and how to lead people. While she was greatly enjoying her studies, this would come to a rather abrupt end as Malar & Talos somehow divined the location of Chrysalis and managed to teleport The Elf Eater (Ityak-Ortheel) there, during the massive battle that ensued, the Palace of Ages was destroyed, while still inside.


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