Blades of Pelor

Tentacles From Above

11/14/11 & 11/28/11
(24-25 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

After tying up a few loose ends in Fallcrest, The Blades of Pelor set out to stop the Raven bandit gang from preying on the trade road. During their first day of travel, the heroes came upon an odd caravan of different species of drake being led by members of the Iron Circle. Due to Fluffy’s ritual magic, the BoP were able to get quite close to the brigands before a fight began. The villains obviously misjudged the heroes and were quickly dispatched with the quick-moving Sytheclaw drake being the only challenge.

In the aftermath of the battle, the BoP found clues leading them to conclude this group was on it’s way to meet with someone at Fiveleague House and then on to capture a Warwinged Drake. The heroes were then approached by a large caravan looking to pay the heroes of Fallcrest for safe passage to the same Inn that the Drake caravan was headed to.

The large group continued east through the day, finally setting camp south of Thunderspire Mountain. During the night a great thunderstorm came upon the heroes camp, and with it came three flying monsters known as Mooncalfs. Due again to Fluffy’s magic, the group was not noticed immediately, and the tentacled monsters were content to feed on the exposed horses. Unfortunately, the merchants were not as brave as the Blades members. Several fleeing civilians led the Mooncalfs to the hidden camp and a great battle was started.

The Mooncalfs had the heroes at a great disadvantage as they could attack from on high. Their tentacles snared and assaulted several of the members and focused heavily on Ana. Thanks to a lot of luck and tenacity, the creatures were eventually grounded and Ana managed to survive barely.

The next morning the Blades of Pelor made the final leg of their journey to Fiveleague House. Unfortunately around mid-day the heroes were held up by an unusual group of bandits. The leader, who identified himself as Sylish Kreed, was quite interested in the female party members and in acquiring all of the BoP’s wealth.

He was sadly disappointed though, when he and his team found the heroes to be much more powerful than what they are use to. The boastful bandit sacrificed himself to allow his group to escape, revealing that he was secretly a werewolf in the process. After taking wounds that not even a werewolf could survive, Sylish surprised the heroes by his inability to die. He was then dragged behind the horses the rest of the way to Fiveleague House.

Once at the marvelous inn, the heroes were welcomed fondly. The owner, Barton, was very happy to see the Blades of Pelor, as he had a job for them. He needed them to figured out what was killing his guests and to stop it.


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