Blades of Pelor

Shadowfang's Tiger

(20 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

After the celebration died down the following day the adventurers grew restless. They wrapped up a few details in Fallcrest and headed North to defeat Shadowfang. They brought a new companion as well, Davrry the Paladin. Unfortunately, he did not have a horse and quickly fell behind the adventurers.

The Blades of Pelor stopped a massacre at a northern farmhouse. The attackers were wild men riding large sabertooth tigers. The heroes defeated them, but at the loss of Ana’s horse Fluffy. The sharp witted members of the group detected Winterbole berries on all of there dead enemies clothing. Knowing that those type of berries are quite rare in the immediate area, they set off into the nearby forest.

The group found and surprised Shadowfang and her minions in the middle of a ritual. The evil shaman was attempting to bond a demon to one of their tigers. The heroes battled Shadowfang and her massive tiger mount, while Ana directly attacked the ritual area. With hardly any time to spare, the ritual was broken and Shadowfang was slain.

The rescued tiger was grateful and Ana wanted to make it her mount. After a day of working to get the tiger to trust them, the Blades of Pelor were able to use a ritual scroll they got off the wild men to bond the tiger to Ana. The bond was so powerful that Ana and the tiger can even share thoughts.

With another quest completed the heroes headed south towards Fallcrest.


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