Blades of Pelor

Not a Vampire

(26-30 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

That night at Fiveleague house, a man’s scream awoke the Blades of Pelor. A guard found the grounds keeper murdered. The heroes needed to figured out what did this and stop it before this could happen again.

The group’s druid, Fluffy, used a ritual to ask nature spirits about what had transpired in the area. The spirit’s answers combined with an investigation of the murder scene lead the adventurers to conclude that the creature draining people of their blood was not a vampire, but a Penanggalan. The strange undead monster’s true identity eluded the team, but it’s next target was obvious. Another guest at the Inn had a baby that night, and the creature could not resist such a pure meal.

Not long after the Witching Hour, the Penanggalan struck and killed one of the guards placed outside the new mother’s room. The heroes ran out to attack, but the creature was able to slither through the floorboards to get at the baby. A desperate sacrifice by the baby’s father saved it’s life. The starving creature turned it’s attention on Bal’ous and inflicted great injury on the mighty barbarian. The adventurers divine members were able to weaken the monster and it was quickly dispatched.

With their task completed, the Blades of Pelor found that the contact they were to meet at the Inn had been attacked by the Raven bandit group. With the ritual they desire most likely with the Ravens, the heroes set out to get it back.

At the bandit’s home base the adventurers were greeted by traps and viscous thugs. Their leader nearly defeated Na’zayn, but was taken down by an unlikely companion. Sylish Kreed was brought along so Mari could redeem him. The powerful werewolf was very useful in the fight and would most likely be in the future.

After discovering that the leader was in fact a Shader’kai, the team found a note in a teleportation circle. It was from the true leaders of the bandit group and they were waiting for the Blades of Pelor.


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