Blades of Pelor

The Heroic Return

(19 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

The Blades of Pelor were escorting their new acquaintance, Neena Foozlefuzz, from her hidden lab under The Cairn of the Winter King when they were confronted by a huge group of zombies and constructs.

Four advanced constructs like Neena stood at the end of the hall. There was a well-armored human, a giant hammer-wielding dwarf, a sly looking halfling, and a maniacal half-elf. Further down the hall Ana could hear the faint chanting of a portal-creating ritual nearing completion.

Astrazaks Foozlefuzz spoke to the heroes through a small bird construct. The old gnome gave an ultimatum, believing The Winter King to still be in charge. He demanded his sister back and was convinced the heroes were simply illusions from the gnome sisters.

Astra’s zombie army rained upon the heroes, mindlessly forcing their way toward Neena. The young (in personality) gnome girl pleaded against the violence, but zombies don’t listen well. The heroes held back the hoard at great peril to themselves.

The group’s expert diplomat, Mari, reasoned with Astrazaks during the fight. Mordin resorted to intimidation with acidic words. Bal’ous lent his typical tact to the conversation by waving Neena in the air, inadvertently showing off a little more than the gnome maiden was comfortable with. All of these exchanges left Astra unsure of his earlier convictions.

Meanwhile Na’zayn and Ana attacked the zombies from opposite ends. Between Mordin’s acid, Na’zayn’s sword magic and Ana’s massive sunblade, three of the zombies were felled.

Mari changed tactics and convinced Neena to reveal something only she knew about her brother. With mention of the old gnome’s fondness for pickled bullywog eggs, the fight was ended. Astra ordered the zombies back and reclaimed his sister without further violence.

Neena left with the other constructs after parting-hugs with the heroes. King Harboom, who was being held by the constructs, thanked the heroes once again. The names of the heroes were recorded to be engraved into a memorial and they were given the arcane symbols for the hall’s portal.

The heroes exited the Cairn and found Armos Kamroth sitting on the dragon-headed airship. The party flew into the sky and speeded back to Fallcrest. Along the way they made an amazing geographical discovery. The Nentir Vale was actually a large island with small islands dotting between it and The_Frostjaw_Peaks.

Apon arriving in Fallcrest, the Blades of Pelor were welcomed with a great celebration. The Lord Warden gave them his grandfather’s crown as well as everything else promised to them. The heroes were able to relax for free in the Silver Unicorn Inn and converse with the people of Fallcrest.

From rumors and bounties, the heroes now have a full list of new adventures.


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