Blades of Pelor

Farmer Macturl's Trouble

(21 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

The Blades of Pelor took the body of Shadowfang south to collect the bounty on her head. Along the way they stopped back at the farmhouse that was attacked by the evil shaman’s minions. There they found Davrry doing his best to help “rebuild” the farm.

After arriving in Fallcrest (and convincing the stable owner to watch Ana’s tiger), the heroes collected their bounty from Lord Markelhay. The Lord Warden asked the heroes to check on a farmer to the south who had not shown up to a meeting. The adventurer’s accepted and Mordin gave Marko some gold for all of his work so far. Marko graciously accepted and headed off to the tavern.

Bal’ous and Mordin both had other places to be, so a druid named Fluffy joined the group for this quest.

At Macturl’s farm, the heroes found several dead men laying in the open. When they approached small tree-like creature erupted from the bodies and attacked them. These were Twigblights and they feed on blood. After a fearsome battle, the heroes emerged victorious and found Macturl and his young daughter alive. From them the adventurer’s learned a possible location of the legendary barbarian, Boots.

In the cave mentioned by young Elle Macturl, the Blades of Pelor were tasked by the spirit of Boots to avenge his death. The fabled Dark Drake of the Moonhills attacked suddenly. Several other strange and deadly drakes joined the fight as well. The battle was fierce with Ana and Mari nearly dieing from injuries.

After the fight was won, Boots reward Fluffy with a new ritual that could bind evil spirits like the Dark Drake to items in order to make them stronger.

The four weary adventurers road back to town to rest up. Soon they would be heading on a longer adventure to the east to take on the dreaded Raven bandits.


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