Blades of Pelor

Not a Vampire

(26-30 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

That night at Fiveleague house, a man’s scream awoke the Blades of Pelor. A guard found the grounds keeper murdered. The heroes needed to figured out what did this and stop it before this could happen again.

The group’s druid, Fluffy, used a ritual to ask nature spirits about what had transpired in the area. The spirit’s answers combined with an investigation of the murder scene lead the adventurers to conclude that the creature draining people of their blood was not a vampire, but a Penanggalan. The strange undead monster’s true identity eluded the team, but it’s next target was obvious. Another guest at the Inn had a baby that night, and the creature could not resist such a pure meal.

Not long after the Witching Hour, the Penanggalan struck and killed one of the guards placed outside the new mother’s room. The heroes ran out to attack, but the creature was able to slither through the floorboards to get at the baby. A desperate sacrifice by the baby’s father saved it’s life. The starving creature turned it’s attention on Bal’ous and inflicted great injury on the mighty barbarian. The adventurers divine members were able to weaken the monster and it was quickly dispatched.

With their task completed, the Blades of Pelor found that the contact they were to meet at the Inn had been attacked by the Raven bandit group. With the ritual they desire most likely with the Ravens, the heroes set out to get it back.

At the bandit’s home base the adventurers were greeted by traps and viscous thugs. Their leader nearly defeated Na’zayn, but was taken down by an unlikely companion. Sylish Kreed was brought along so Mari could redeem him. The powerful werewolf was very useful in the fight and would most likely be in the future.

After discovering that the leader was in fact a Shader’kai, the team found a note in a teleportation circle. It was from the true leaders of the bandit group and they were waiting for the Blades of Pelor.

Tentacles From Above

11/14/11 & 11/28/11
(24-25 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

After tying up a few loose ends in Fallcrest, The Blades of Pelor set out to stop the Raven bandit gang from preying on the trade road. During their first day of travel, the heroes came upon an odd caravan of different species of drake being led by members of the Iron Circle. Due to Fluffy’s ritual magic, the BoP were able to get quite close to the brigands before a fight began. The villains obviously misjudged the heroes and were quickly dispatched with the quick-moving Sytheclaw drake being the only challenge.

In the aftermath of the battle, the BoP found clues leading them to conclude this group was on it’s way to meet with someone at Fiveleague House and then on to capture a Warwinged Drake. The heroes were then approached by a large caravan looking to pay the heroes of Fallcrest for safe passage to the same Inn that the Drake caravan was headed to.

The large group continued east through the day, finally setting camp south of Thunderspire Mountain. During the night a great thunderstorm came upon the heroes camp, and with it came three flying monsters known as Mooncalfs. Due again to Fluffy’s magic, the group was not noticed immediately, and the tentacled monsters were content to feed on the exposed horses. Unfortunately, the merchants were not as brave as the Blades members. Several fleeing civilians led the Mooncalfs to the hidden camp and a great battle was started.

The Mooncalfs had the heroes at a great disadvantage as they could attack from on high. Their tentacles snared and assaulted several of the members and focused heavily on Ana. Thanks to a lot of luck and tenacity, the creatures were eventually grounded and Ana managed to survive barely.

The next morning the Blades of Pelor made the final leg of their journey to Fiveleague House. Unfortunately around mid-day the heroes were held up by an unusual group of bandits. The leader, who identified himself as Sylish Kreed, was quite interested in the female party members and in acquiring all of the BoP’s wealth.

He was sadly disappointed though, when he and his team found the heroes to be much more powerful than what they are use to. The boastful bandit sacrificed himself to allow his group to escape, revealing that he was secretly a werewolf in the process. After taking wounds that not even a werewolf could survive, Sylish surprised the heroes by his inability to die. He was then dragged behind the horses the rest of the way to Fiveleague House.

Once at the marvelous inn, the heroes were welcomed fondly. The owner, Barton, was very happy to see the Blades of Pelor, as he had a job for them. He needed them to figured out what was killing his guests and to stop it.

Farmer Macturl's Trouble

(21 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

The Blades of Pelor took the body of Shadowfang south to collect the bounty on her head. Along the way they stopped back at the farmhouse that was attacked by the evil shaman’s minions. There they found Davrry doing his best to help “rebuild” the farm.

After arriving in Fallcrest (and convincing the stable owner to watch Ana’s tiger), the heroes collected their bounty from Lord Markelhay. The Lord Warden asked the heroes to check on a farmer to the south who had not shown up to a meeting. The adventurer’s accepted and Mordin gave Marko some gold for all of his work so far. Marko graciously accepted and headed off to the tavern.

Bal’ous and Mordin both had other places to be, so a druid named Fluffy joined the group for this quest.

At Macturl’s farm, the heroes found several dead men laying in the open. When they approached small tree-like creature erupted from the bodies and attacked them. These were Twigblights and they feed on blood. After a fearsome battle, the heroes emerged victorious and found Macturl and his young daughter alive. From them the adventurer’s learned a possible location of the legendary barbarian, Boots.

In the cave mentioned by young Elle Macturl, the Blades of Pelor were tasked by the spirit of Boots to avenge his death. The fabled Dark Drake of the Moonhills attacked suddenly. Several other strange and deadly drakes joined the fight as well. The battle was fierce with Ana and Mari nearly dieing from injuries.

After the fight was won, Boots reward Fluffy with a new ritual that could bind evil spirits like the Dark Drake to items in order to make them stronger.

The four weary adventurers road back to town to rest up. Soon they would be heading on a longer adventure to the east to take on the dreaded Raven bandits.

Shadowfang's Tiger

(20 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

After the celebration died down the following day the adventurers grew restless. They wrapped up a few details in Fallcrest and headed North to defeat Shadowfang. They brought a new companion as well, Davrry the Paladin. Unfortunately, he did not have a horse and quickly fell behind the adventurers.

The Blades of Pelor stopped a massacre at a northern farmhouse. The attackers were wild men riding large sabertooth tigers. The heroes defeated them, but at the loss of Ana’s horse Fluffy. The sharp witted members of the group detected Winterbole berries on all of there dead enemies clothing. Knowing that those type of berries are quite rare in the immediate area, they set off into the nearby forest.

The group found and surprised Shadowfang and her minions in the middle of a ritual. The evil shaman was attempting to bond a demon to one of their tigers. The heroes battled Shadowfang and her massive tiger mount, while Ana directly attacked the ritual area. With hardly any time to spare, the ritual was broken and Shadowfang was slain.

The rescued tiger was grateful and Ana wanted to make it her mount. After a day of working to get the tiger to trust them, the Blades of Pelor were able to use a ritual scroll they got off the wild men to bond the tiger to Ana. The bond was so powerful that Ana and the tiger can even share thoughts.

With another quest completed the heroes headed south towards Fallcrest.

The Heroic Return

(19 Seventhmonth, 1479 DR)

The Blades of Pelor were escorting their new acquaintance, Neena Foozlefuzz, from her hidden lab under The Cairn of the Winter King when they were confronted by a huge group of zombies and constructs.

Four advanced constructs like Neena stood at the end of the hall. There was a well-armored human, a giant hammer-wielding dwarf, a sly looking halfling, and a maniacal half-elf. Further down the hall Ana could hear the faint chanting of a portal-creating ritual nearing completion.

Astrazaks Foozlefuzz spoke to the heroes through a small bird construct. The old gnome gave an ultimatum, believing The Winter King to still be in charge. He demanded his sister back and was convinced the heroes were simply illusions from the gnome sisters.

Astra’s zombie army rained upon the heroes, mindlessly forcing their way toward Neena. The young (in personality) gnome girl pleaded against the violence, but zombies don’t listen well. The heroes held back the hoard at great peril to themselves.

The group’s expert diplomat, Mari, reasoned with Astrazaks during the fight. Mordin resorted to intimidation with acidic words. Bal’ous lent his typical tact to the conversation by waving Neena in the air, inadvertently showing off a little more than the gnome maiden was comfortable with. All of these exchanges left Astra unsure of his earlier convictions.

Meanwhile Na’zayn and Ana attacked the zombies from opposite ends. Between Mordin’s acid, Na’zayn’s sword magic and Ana’s massive sunblade, three of the zombies were felled.

Mari changed tactics and convinced Neena to reveal something only she knew about her brother. With mention of the old gnome’s fondness for pickled bullywog eggs, the fight was ended. Astra ordered the zombies back and reclaimed his sister without further violence.

Neena left with the other constructs after parting-hugs with the heroes. King Harboom, who was being held by the constructs, thanked the heroes once again. The names of the heroes were recorded to be engraved into a memorial and they were given the arcane symbols for the hall’s portal.

The heroes exited the Cairn and found Armos Kamroth sitting on the dragon-headed airship. The party flew into the sky and speeded back to Fallcrest. Along the way they made an amazing geographical discovery. The Nentir Vale was actually a large island with small islands dotting between it and The_Frostjaw_Peaks.

Apon arriving in Fallcrest, the Blades of Pelor were welcomed with a great celebration. The Lord Warden gave them his grandfather’s crown as well as everything else promised to them. The heroes were able to relax for free in the Silver Unicorn Inn and converse with the people of Fallcrest.

From rumors and bounties, the heroes now have a full list of new adventures.


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